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Don't wash the down if it's dirty! Wipe it with a cleansing wipe, and wipe off oil stains in 10 seconds

Feather cleaning artifact-down cleaning wipes.
It is similar to ordinary wet wipes, but it has a strong cleaning power. Most of the stains can be wiped away within 10 seconds, and it can be carried with you. If it is dirty, take it out and wipe it immediately.

Decontamination factor formula, wipe it off
I believe that most people have more or less stains on their down. These stains that can't be removed by machine washing can really be wiped off with a wet wipe? The director tried it.
Now coat the ketchup on the down jacket and wipe it away, so that the ketchup mark remains on the clothes.
I tried hand washing and cleaning with detergent, and it took a while to wipe it off.
But this wipes only needs to be wiped gently, and the stains disappeared. This effect really surprised the director.

In addition to the specially applied ketchup, the director also tried to wipe the stubborn stains on the down.
I can't wipe off this stain with various methods. Although it has become lighter than it was at the beginning, there is always a mark there, which affects the appearance.

Faced with such stubborn stains, the cleaning wipes can't be wiped off with a single wipe, so the director decided to add gravity and wipe the surface of the down frantically.

After rubbing it for about 10 seconds, the obvious mark has basically disappeared.

The director took a look at the buyer's show and found that the stains he tested were all in pediatrics. Many people's down was much dirtier than the director, but they could all be wiped clean with this wet wipe.

Even the sleeves that the director thought could not be cleaned, this wipe can wipe the down like new.

Seeing this, many friends may be curious, why a mere wipe can clean better than detergent.
The answer lies in the ingredients. This cleansing wipe uses a unique decontamination factor formula.
Compared with traditional detergents, the decontamination factor is gentler and will not damage the down itself.

Naturally, don't worry about safety. This wet wipe has passed the test of relevant testing institutions and will not cause harm to human body.

Small and portable, can take the subway
The down cleaners on the market are either a large bottle like laundry detergent or spray type, so it is impossible to carry it with you.

In contrast, this cleaning wipe is not too convenient.
Each piece of it is individually packaged, and you can take two pieces out of the package when you go out.
Boys can easily fit a few in a trouser pocket, even girls' bags of gold can also be stuffed in, with full portability.

Especially in winter, I often go out to eat hot pot, skewers of incense, etc. I am always afraid that the oil at the bottom of the pot will splash on the down.

With this wet wipe, don’t be afraid, you can use it at any time, and there will be a faint fragrance when you open it.

One towel is multi-purpose, what do you want to wipe
After using it a few times, the director suddenly thought of a question. Since it can wipe down, can it also be used to wipe shoes?
The director immediately tried it, but he didn't expect that the stains on the shoes really started to disappear!

Before and after comparison, you can find that the shoes washed with this wet wipe are even cleaner than I washed with the special sneaker cleaner.

Whether it is milk tea stains, red wine stains, blood stains, mildew stains, this wipe can wipe clean, much better than those cleaning agents.