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What are the ingredients that cannot be added to baby wipes

The function of alcohol in wet wipes is mainly to sterilize, but alcohol is volatile, and it is easy to lose moisture on the skin surface after wiping, and it feels tight and dry, causing skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for babies.
Fragrance and alcohol are both considered to be easily irritating ingredients, so aromatic odors should also be selected according to consumers' preferences, but the added fragrance ingredients increase the risk of skin allergies, so for baby products, it should be natural and pure. . Therefore, at present, many brands of wet wipes are clearly marked with "no alcohol and fragrance added".
The purpose of preservatives is to protect the product from microbial contamination and prolong the shelf life and useful life of the product, however, improper use of preservatives can lead to allergic dermatitis. After fragrances, preservatives are the second most common cause of skin irritation and skin irritation.
fluorescent agent
Fluorescent agents should also not be present in wet wipes. If the wet wipes contain fluorescent agents, they should be added during the processing of the non-woven fabrics, which are also unfavorable to the baby's skin.
Inadequately sterilized water
The main component of baby wipes is water. This water must be treated as pure water, otherwise, the bacteria in the water will multiply on the wipes, which is not good for the baby's skin and health.