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what are wipes

Wiping cloth is made of non-woven cleaning supplies, the inventory does not take up space, the absorption is strong, does not hurt the surface of the object, softens, generates static electricity, can be used with liquids such as solvents, special design, according to different environments, widely used in Printing, electronics, machinery, motor, mold processing, automotive, aviation, petrochemical, laboratory, plastic, laboratory, laboratory, laboratory, clean room, food, pharmaceutical, and other fields.
Cleaning cloths are usually used to clean high-tech products such as digital products. They do not generate dust particles when wiping, and they also absorb liquids and dust when used. We generally say that the dust cloth can be divided into three categories according to different sealing edges: the first type is the cold-cut dust-free cloth, the second type is the laser-sealed side dust-free cloth, and the third type is the ultrasonic-sealed side dust-free cloth. Generally, the wiping fiber cloth is made of polyester double-sided size as the main raw material. The surface is very soft, and the surface of the object can be wiped more sensitively. When the friction fiber is not easy to fall off, it has good water absorption and the cleaning effect is also very strong.

用于表面清洁的工业清洁湿巾 清洗 除尘和抛光 溢出物和杂物 一般清洁 BR-011