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What disinfection are medical disinfection wipes suitable for?

Recently, everyone is concerned about the issue of disinfection. The disinfection products we know mainly include disinfectant, disinfection machine, disinfection cabinet, disinfection water and medical disinfection wipes. The common ones in ordinary people's life are disinfectant and medical disinfection wipes. Wait, so what kind of disinfection are medical disinfection wipes suitable for?
Medical disinfectant wipes are suitable for different brands of medical disinfectant wipes. For example, disinfectant wipes with quaternary ammonium salt composition can kill germs, cocci, pathogenic yeasts, etc., and can be used for surface disinfection. When using, you only need to remove and wipe, and it can be disinfected in 2 minutes. for cleaning purposes. In addition, there are alcohol disinfectant wipes, biguanide disinfectant wipes, chlorine-containing disinfectant wipes or compound disinfectant wipes. The scope of application of disinfectant wipes with different ingredients will also be different. What is the specific function? Basically, it will be displayed on the packaging or instructions. Just check the instructions.
The use of disinfectant wipes can reduce the occurrence of disinfectant solution mismatch incidents and reduce cross-infection caused by repeated use of wipes and immersion in disinfectant during cleaning and disinfection.
At the same time, because the disinfectant wipes can be used immediately, it can save manpower very well, and the compliance is also relatively good. There is no need to spend time configuring solutions, cleaning rags, or removing disinfectant residues, cleaning and disinfection are completed in one step.
How to use medical disinfection wipes, pay attention to all aspects of disinfection wipes when choosing, and confirm the function of the product. Pay attention to observe the paper condition of the disinfectant wipes, and confirm the sealing condition of the disinfectant wipes after you get them. Confirm the abrasion resistance and moisturizing properties of disinfectant wipes, and pay attention to product information and product specifications. Confirm the irritation of the product, open it for use, wipe it and discard it, note that the disinfectant wipes are disposable products, and should be avoided if the packaging is damaged, the product is expired, or the relevant quality is not up to standard.