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Ordinary wet wipes, disinfection wipes... How to choose and use various wet wipes everyday?

When going out for recreational activities, wet wipes as one of the standing items can bring you a lot of convenience, simple hand cleaning, wiping items...especially during the epidemic period, hotels, dining tables, conference tables and other places are even standing wet wipes for consumption. How to choose and use the wet wipes products on the shelves of shopping malls and supermarkets? Lets come look.
There are three main types of wet wipes currently on the market:
1. Ordinary wipes
It only has a cleaning effect, and does not have antibacterial, antibacterial, sterilization and disinfection effects.
2. Sanitary wipes
It is made of non-woven fabrics as a carrier and added with production water, an appropriate amount of anti-bacterial and disinfectant, and it has both cleaning, anti-bacterial and anti-bacterial effects. The antibacterial/bactericidal functions of sanitary wipes depend on the effective bactericidal ingredients added. Common effective bactericidal ingredients are chlorhexidine gluconate, benzalkonium bromide, benzethonium chloride, ε-polylysine, and polyhexamethylene. Methylene guanidine and so on. In the production of sanitary wipes, some companies also choose alcohol as one of the fungicides, but because alcohol has a stimulating effect on the skin, it is generally used at a low concentration, and it is often compatible with other bactericidal ingredients to have a synergistic effect. GB 15979-2002 "Sanitary Standards for Disposable Hygiene Products" stipulates that the killing rate of sanitary wipes against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus must be ≥90%, and the shelf life should be at least one year.
To produce the above two types of products, you need to apply for a "sanitation product manufacturer sanitation license, mark the production item as "sanitary products", the production category is "wet wipes or/and sanitary wipes", and the product label must mark the sanitation license number. Normally For civilian use, it is sold in supermarkets and shopping malls.
3. Disinfecting wipes
According to the definition in 3.7 of the Sanitation Professional Standard WS/T 512-216 "Management Regulations for Environmental Surface Cleaning and Disinfection in Medical Institutions", disinfection wipes refer to "using nonwovens, fabrics, dust-free paper or other raw materials as the carrier, and purified water as the carrier. Production water, appropriate amount of disinfectant and other raw materials are added to make products with cleaning and disinfection effects, which are suitable for the human body, the surface of general objects, the surface of medical equipment and other surfaces", also known as "carrier disinfectant", for the convenience of use , A product in which a disinfectant that meets the concentration requirements is placed on a carrier, generally for medical purposes, and sold in pharmacies.