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Did you know that disinfectant wipes can be used to wipe food?

Can antibacterial wipes wipe food? Experts say that according to the "Hygienic Standards for Disposable Sanitary Products", as long as it is a qualified wet wipe product, food can generally be wiped. Some wet wipes are flavored, and it is best to wipe food with non-flavored wipes.
Wet wipes with the word "dissipate" on the package are disinfectant wipes. The disinfectant ingredients in it are either added with bactericides such as benzalkonium chloride, or added with alcohols with a concentration of about 75% such as ethanol (alcohol) or propanol. All ingredients can be sterilized. Because the disinfectant in the wipes is extremely low in toxicity, there is no risk of coming into contact with food or touching food after wiping your hands. However, because many foods absorb ethanol, which may change the flavor of the food, disinfectant wipes are not suitable for wiping food.

Disfecting And Antibacterial Wipes/Lemon Scent BR-007
Disfecting and antibacterial wipes/Lemon scent,
to decrease bacteria on the skin that could cause desease
Product code Fabric Specification Weight Packing size Gross weight
BR-007 100%PP Melt blown fabric 80 Count
Sheet size:14x18cm
40gsm 35X21X30cm 5.4kg