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Do you know the common ingredients of wet wipes?

Common ingredients in wet wipes include the following:
1. Water - purified water, pure water, RO pure water: the water content of the agent in the wet wipes generally accounts for about 80%. If the water content is too low, the wet wipes will feel dry. On the contrary, the water content will be too high. Too wet and inconvenient to use. More than 90% of the medicine is water. In order to better avoid the reaction between water and the medicine, the water used in the wet wipes must be specially processed water. You can see "refined water" and "pure water" on the outer packaging components. ", "RO pure water" words.
2. Humectant – Propylene Glycol: Propylene glycol is a solution and also a humectant. It can assist the effective chemical substances in the medicine to dissolve in the water, so that the water is not easily volatilized, and has antibacterial and antiseptic effects, so it is basically used in the commonly used wet wipes. Generally wet wipes contain this ingredient.
3. Preservatives - phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, paraben: Wet wipes contain a lot of water and other chemical substances. In order to better maintain the activity of effective chemical substances, preservatives must be added agent, but generally the water content is very low and will not cause negative effects.
4. Antibacterial agents - sodium lactate, eucalyptus leaves: There are many varieties of antibacterial agents, not only chemically synthesized antibacterial agents but also pure natural antibacterial agents. The effect is simple, destroy bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.
5. Non-ionic surfactants - polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyether: Non-ionic surfactants are contained in laundry powder and most detergents. The specific effect is to remove stains and grease and achieve cleaning effect. Sanitary wipes contain a certain amount of bactericidal drugs, which can control and kill some bacteria, and are used on the face and hands. There are many varieties of wet wipes, and it is best to find the one you need.
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