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Do you know the essentials of baby care?

Motherhood is a gift from nature. Some are biological mothers, while others take extra effort and improve their baby care skills. But whether you're born or not, you'll face baby care issues at some point, and only your experience or that of another mother will get you through it. The bottom line or main goal is to do the right thing for your baby as possible. Your baby starts out like a blank sheet of paper. Gradually, he/she develops his/her own personality based on how you raised him/her.
It is very important to handle your baby according to the time of birth. For example, babies in winter require more careful handling as well as warm clothing. On the other hand, summer babies need less clothing and good room ventilation. In winter, it's best to keep a humidifier in your baby's room to prevent dryness and dehydration.
Tactility, comfort and safety
Since his/her other senses are not as developed, your baby's sense of touch is enhanced. So it's important to keep your baby close to you (more specifically, your heart) because your baby is listening to your heartbeat for all nine months in your womb. So hearing your heartbeat again outside will only comfort your baby. Choose the right dresses, swaddle blankets and other accessories for your dear baby for an overall sense of security.
Hygiene is important
Your baby's umbilical cord dries up and falls off within a week of birth. It is very important to use baby care wipes immediately after your baby's bath about 2-3 weeks. When bathing your baby, always hold your baby at an upward tilt so that your baby's head is held high. After that, hold your baby under your arm and wipe your baby's back. Do not leave your baby's diaper longer than 8 hours.
Feeding and burping in the right place
They usually need to be fed every 2-3 hours. Your child will always tell you what he needs. If you're bottle feeding your baby, make sure you hold your baby's head and neck and tilt their head up. Be careful not to choke your baby and make sure no fluid gets into your child's lungs.
It's a pleasure to watch and hold them. A mother's love and affection for her child is unmatched by any other, and she must be guided to take good care of her child.

100%Natura Bamboo And Biodegradable Diaper Liners Baby Care Set BR-027
which can be used with all types of cloth diapers.designed to repel water keeping your bayby dry and comfortable and retain solids to help stop soiling of your diapers.can be used as a natural baby wipe for diaper changing and other purposes
Product code:Product code
Fabric:100% Bamboo
Specification:100pcs per roll Sheet size:28X19CM