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Do you know what baby wipes can be used for?

Use baby care wipes to clean dirty or scratched DVDs and CDs. It's true that baby wipes won't keep your DVD scratch-free, but they usually make it at least playable!
How is your hair color? Use baby wipes to remove any color or dye that has gone astray; the wipes will instantly remove the color from your skin without even leaving a visible spot!
Baby wipes are generally less expensive than specialized cleaning wipes. You should use them to clean surfaces in kitchen areas, bathrooms and just about anywhere. You can wipe off streaks on the wall or get rid of those pesky toothpaste spots on the sink. Wipes are great for cleaning the interior of your vehicle, but they can also remove dust from the dashboard or even coffee that has leaked into the cup slot.
There are many other areas where baby wipes prove useful. They'll help you remove stains from your clothes until you can wash it effectively, and they're great for when you're crafting because they'll remove almost any dirt from your hands. You can also give your shoes a slip and make them look new again.
Baby wipes are soft on the skin, so use them to remove makeup. Makeup wipes don't cost more than $10 as long as baby wipes do the same task! Another use is when you're feeling "not so fresh" but can't shower. Clean spots and wipes with baby wipes, which can leave you feeling rejuvenated and smelling better. Bring wipes to barbecues, picnics, or even eating places, as they're a simple and great way to remove sticky sauces from your face and hands, and they're also great for cleaning utensils.
Tiny wet squares are great for cleanup. If you have a faster mop but are tired of paying for high-priced pads, replace them with baby wipes that actually work just as well and cost less. Rely on them to suppress insects and clean up the mess at the same time. If you have pets, you can move baby wipes over their coats to remove shedding hair. Do the same on furniture trimmed with fur and shedding.
Other ideas for baby wipes include removing dreaded white deodorant stains from shirts you plan to wear, or quickly cleaning up ceiling fan debris with a quick swipe. Carry some in your purse to wipe down grocery cart handles, doorknobs, and other areas that may be contaminated with germs.

Baby Wipes Multifunctional Office And Travel Clean Skin Care BR-025
Baby wet wipes
Multi Function-great for cleaning and apllying skin care treatments,
creams and cleansers,suitable for home,office and travel.
Product code:BR-025
Fabric:20% viscose 80% polyester Spunlace
Specification:20 Count WeightSheet size:15x20cm