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Is it really good for babies to use wet wipes?

It is inconvenient to wash hands when going out. Wet tissue is very convenient, and it is also a good helper for parents to wipe their children's buttocks, but have you ever noticed what the ingredients of wet tissue are? Children under the age of three should pay attention to use!
Some wet tissue manufacturers generally add some preservatives for preservation. Young children, because their skin is more sensitive, may induce some skin inflammation and other irritating skin conditions, so it is not recommended to use. But now some manufacturers have produced baby care wipes for children, which take good care of the baby's skin, and mothers can use them with confidence.
For the safety of babies, mothers need to pay attention to the following points when buying wet wipes:
Pay attention to product labels
As long as the various labels on the product packaging are not clearly visible to moms, then don't buy them. Things from unknown sources are even more dangerous.
Love to eat, afraid of dirty hands
Many mothers see that their children like to eat their fingers so much, they are afraid that the fingers will be dirty, so they use a wet tissue to wipe them clean every time. As a result, the baby eats the chemicals in the wet tissue, and ends up spending money instead. Injured again.
Good for occasional use
Wet wipes are easy to use, all mothers know, but why is it so easy to use? I have to think about it, but when I go out, it’s okay to use a wet tissue occasionally for convenience.
Avoid use in situations
If the child's skin is already red and swollen, avoid using wet tissue, or if there is a similar allergic phenomenon after use, do not use it again, and try not to use wet tissue to wipe the mouth or fingers, because the baby will always put the fingers in the mouth.

100%Natura Bamboo And Biodegradable Diaper Liners Baby Care Set BR-027
which can be used with all types of cloth diapers.designed to repel water keeping your bayby dry and comfortable and retain solids to help stop soiling of your diapers.can be used as a natural baby wipe for diaper changing and other purposes
Product code:BR-027
Fabric:100% Bamboo
Specification:100pcs per roll;Sheet size:28X19CM