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What is the difference between wet toilet paper and wet wipes?

In recent years, wet toilet paper has suddenly become very popular, and many people have bought it back for use, but wet toilet paper looks similar to wet wipes, but there are differences between the two, as follows:
1. Raw materials: Wet toilet paper is mostly made of virgin wood pulp because it needs to be water-soluble, which is soft to the touch, but has a moderate water content to ensure that it can stay dry after use; most of the wet paper towels are non-woven Cloth is a raw material, it cannot be dissolved in water, it contains more water, and it feels hard.
2. Cleanliness: Wet toilet paper is mainly used to wipe private parts, while wet paper towels are mainly used to wipe other parts, so relatively speaking, the cleanliness of wet toilet paper will be higher.
Someone asked: Can wet toilet paper be used as a wet wipe to wipe your mouth?
Can be used to wipe the mouth.
Although wet toilet paper is mainly used to wipe private parts, in fact, compared with ordinary toilet paper, wet toilet paper is more hygienic and clean.
Moreover, the main ingredients in wet toilet paper are virgin wood pulp, water, essential oils, etc., which can be used to wipe the mouth, and will not have much impact, so you don’t need to worry too much, but because wet toilet paper is relatively It is easy to break, so you need to pay attention to the strength of use. If you are really worried, you can also rinse your mouth with water.
Someone asked: Can wet wipes be used to go to the toilet?
not recommend.
Compared with wet toilet paper, wet paper towels are not so clean, do not have the function of sterilization, and are not so soft in texture. The large amount of water contained in them will make the human body feel wet.
Moreover, compared with wet toilet paper, some additional additives are also added to wet paper towels, such as flavors, fragrances, etc., and the skin of private parts is generally more delicate and prone to allergies, so it is generally not recommended to use wet paper towels. toilet.
Someone asked: Can wet toilet paper be used to wipe urine
is allowed.
The texture of wet toilet paper is generally soft, and it is weakly acidic, which will not destroy the pH value of the private parts, so it is usually possible to use wet toilet paper to wipe urine, especially for women who are menstruating, use wet toilet paper. Toilet paper can better prevent the growth of bacteria.
However, it should be noted that wet toilet paper cannot replace cleaning. Usually, it is necessary to clean the private parts with water, keep it dry, and avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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