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What are the characteristics of baby wet wipes

With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, protecting the earth has become a responsibility of everyone on earth. Non-woven products have quickly become popular since they appeared. Its waterproof, breathable, moisture-absorbing, and abrasion-resistant properties can meet the packaging requirements of many market products. As a wiping cloth, non-woven paper towels have a tendency to replace traditional wood pulp paper towels.
Today we are talking about baby wipes.
1. The raw material of baby wipes should be spunlace non-woven fabrics (also called non-woven fabrics). Spunlace refers to a non-woven fabric forming process. There are other processes such as hot air and hot rolling, but baby wipes generally use water. The thorn cloth is better.
2. Spunlace non-woven fabric used for baby wipes, the main components are viscose (natural fiber mainly made of cotton) and polyester (chemical fiber), usually 3:7 ratio, 5:5 ratio, 7:3 The ratio refers to the content ratio of viscose to polyester, and the ratio of 3:7 means that viscose accounts for 30% and polyester accounts for 70%. The 7:3 ratio means that viscose accounts for 70% and polyester accounts for 30%. The higher the viscose content, the better the quality, and the higher the cost and price.
3. The higher the viscose content, the softer and the better the water absorption.
4. Baby wipes with a 5:5 ratio are basically usable, and the hand feel and water absorption are also good. Some products will use a 7:3 ratio, but most mothers can’t feel it. If you want to distinguish, put the wipes completely. After drying, the touch is still slightly different, or if it is burned with fire, the taste of different viscose content is also different (you should know that the taste of cotton fiber and chemical fiber is different after burning), and the content of polyester is high. The melt ball after burning is also large, and the melt ball with high viscose content is basically not able to be burned after burning.