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Different wet wipes have different uses. How many do you know?

There are a dazzling array of wet wipes on the market. As a kind of daily necessities, how much do you know about it? Different wet wipes have different uses. It can be roughly divided into the following categories:
1. Ordinary wipes
They are mainly used to cleanse the skin. The ingredients of the original solution are usually distilled or purified water, disinfectants, and flavors. High-end products will also include aloe vera gel, vitamin E and other skin care ingredients. It is suitable for going out and disposable.
2. There are two types of disinfectant wipes
One is used for cleaning and disinfecting small wounds such as abrasions, cuts, scratches, and surrounding skin. The main components of the original solution are benzalkonium chloride, etc.; the other has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect and can be sterilized quickly and effectively. It is purified water, natural sterilizing ingredients, aloe vera, glycerin, cocoa phospholipids, etc., used for skin disinfection and moisturizing, and also used for ordinary sanitary ware.
3. Wet wipes for women's maintenance and disinfection
The original liquid is purified water, cationic antibacterial and sterilizing original body, which can effectively clean the skin and obtain the effect of sterilization, cleaning and deodorization.
4. unloading special wet wipes
The original liquid is a weakly acidic unloading liquid, which can remove makeup dust and dirt by wiping lightly.
5. Baby wipes
Dedicated to clean and maintain baby's buttocks. The original liquid is purified water, disinfectant, aloe vera, glycerin, etc.
6. Medical wipes
Medical-grade wet wipes meet our potential and objective needs, mainly for the skin cleaning and maintenance of inpatients, surgical patients and hemorrhoids, skin itching, rash and other specialists. It is also suitable for people who are looking for high-quality days to do ordinary cleaning and maintenance.
   With the addition of our needs, the scope of application of wet wipes is also expanding. For example, men’s wet wipes, furniture cleaning wipes, mosquito repellent wipes, deodorizing wipes, pet wipes, etc. will bring a lot of tangible lunches to our days, but wet wipes are usually added All kinds of chemicals, when buying wet wipes, you need to pay attention to whether they are manufactured by regular manufacturers.