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What kind of wipes are good for babies

Wet wipes are a necessity in the process of caring for babies. Children's skin is soft. In the process of choosing baby wipes, mothers must be cautious and careful. If you choose the wrong wipes, it will cause symptoms such as baby skin allergies. So how to choose wipes, What kind of wipes are best for babies?
1. Look at the ingredients of the wipes. If the wet wipes used contain alcohol, fragrance and other chemicals, it will irritate the baby's delicate skin, and even cause symptoms such as allergies that make the baby uncomfortable. Therefore, when choosing wet wipes, check whether they contain alcohol, preservatives and other ingredients.
2. Hand feel and smell are also important criteria for choosing wet wipes. Different wipes feel different when using them. When mothers choose wipes, try to choose wipes that are soft and have no special smell. Wet wipes with aromatic temperature are usually added with fragrance and other ingredients, which can easily irritate the baby's skin. Scentless and soft wipes are better for babies.
3. Brand wipes are more secure. Brand wipes are strictly tested and are more suitable for babies. For example, the water content in wet wipes, brand wet wipes usually use sterilized pure water instead of brand wet wipes. Because of cost issues, the water quality cannot be guaranteed.

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